Terry Hedderman

Profile Updated: December 6, 2014
Residing In: Hammond, IN USA
Spouse/Partner: Carolyn
Occupation: College Student
Children: Katie: 25
Jenny: 23
Joshua: 22
Rachel: 15
Military Service: Army  

After a year split between UW Laramie and Sheridan College, I bailed out and joined the Army in May of 1980. (In October of 1979 down in Laramie, someone introduced me to AMWAY and so I didn't concentrate on my studies too much because I knew that my first million bucks was "already in the mail." It didn't show up.... much to my dismay and consternation. ("You mean to tell me success takes work and effort and time??!?") I knew that I needed to grow up a little so I took a 3-year vacation courtesy of Uncle Sam. Jim Collingwood and I enlisted in the US Army as Infantrymen. I spent time in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky as a driver for a major and an office worker, and then in Germany guarding the Pershing Missiles. (These were portable nukes on a flatbed.) After my discharge (May '83), I bummed around for the summer and ended up in Houston visiting my brother Tim and an army buddy from Germany. My brother had converted from Catholicism 5 years prior and had been witnessing to me ever since, and after 5 years, everything he had showed me from the Bible made a lot more sense than what I had been taught all of my life in the Catholic Church, and I was born again in my car on the way home from Houston and everything about my life changed (music, goals, friends, motivations, language, thoughts) for the better.

(Just as an aside: all of us are at least as close to the end of our lives as we are to the beginning. If you don't know FOR SURE that you will spend eternity in Heaven, drop me a note [tjhedd@sbcglobal.net] and I will simply show you from the Bible how you may know that. I won't preach at you or talk to you about church or anything: just what God says about Heaven. No pressure, no gimmicks: just straight Scripture. It's Heaven or Hell, and He leaves the choice up to us.)

I got involved in Grace Baptist Church there in Sheridan. (For those of you still in town, Pastor Anderson is a great man. Go see him.) After a year there, I felt that I should go to Bible college and I came out here to Hammond, Indiana (a Chicago suburb) to Hyles-Anderson College and First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. I graduated in August '88 with a Pastoral Theology degree. Yes, you did read that right: Hedderman is an ordained Baptist Preacher. I met my wife in college (she's a Preacher's kid from southern Minnesota), and we were married in December of '88. (By the way, just for the record, she is the greatest wife in the history of the world and, 22+ years later, we are still ridiculously happy.) We had our first child, Katie, 13 months later, and between pregnancies and bills, it took me 6 more years to get my wife done with her last 3 semesters of her Elementary Ed teaching degree. During that time I drove a dump truck.

During a Senior appointment with our pastor at the time of Carolyn's graduation, Dr. Jack Hyles, offered me a job at our church's high school, Hammond Baptist HS. So, from the fall of '94 until the summer of '09, I taught there. Mostly I did lower math courses (Algebra 1/2, Algebra 1 and 2, Consumer Math), but also did English 9 & 10, US History, karate, and Bible too, and added Drivers' Ed to my repertoire. In the summer of 2009, I got downsized and landed a job marketing home health care to Medicare patients. In the fall of 2010, I started at our local branch of Purdue University. I'm going for an RN degree. For work right now, I'm inspecting foreclosed houses. It's great: I can set my own hours and schedule and am totally free for school.

Carolyn worked at Hyles-Anderson College for several years as a nurse (she was an LPN already when she came here to school), and then transferred over to Hammond Baptist Grade School as the kindergarten secretary, yearbook editor, and assistant school nurse. She has resigned and works full-time job at an assisted living facility. She also is an awesome photographer working part-time doing about 15-20 weddings a year.

I've been a part-time plain-clothes armed security guard; I am an 1st degree black belt in American Kenpo Karate (10+ years after my first lesson). (I may have to give it up....the knee may be going.) We have 4 children: Katie is married and now lives about an hour SE of Pittsburgh. Jenny almost has her teaching degree from Crown College in Powell, Tennessee; she's probably going to join the National Guard in the Spring of '15 (they'll pay off her student loans) and then move to the northeast; Joshua graduated from HS in 2011 and planned on attending Bible college for a semester or so before entering med school. However, God got a hold of his heart and called him to preach so he gave up a full ride scholarship to the Univ. of Chicago ($58k/year): I'm so proud of him. He's a junior, and left in November of '14 to spend a year helping a missionary in far southern India; and my little munchkin, Rachel, is in 10th grade. I also preach at least once a month in our church's rescue mission.

I fancy myself to be an amateur carpenter: at least I'm retrimming and remodeling our house as I get time and money. I also am a big reader. (If any of you also like to read, I've kept a list for the last couple of years of what I've read, and my opinion of the book. I'm over 300 books in about the last 3 years. If you'd like a copy of my list, email me.) I've also started sending out a daily text entitled "Bible Thought of the Day." If you'd like a weekly email with those thoughts, drop me a line. Recently, I started writing a book: "Basic Bible Doctrine: from a Layman to Laymen."

We laugh a lot here. I don't know how you all remember me (I have a hard time remembering those HS years at times -- I hate getting old), but I think in school I was always somewhat happy-go-lucky, but I definitely am quick with a joke and a laugh now. I told the kids in my classes at the HS that I would be the class clown, not them. The teenagers generally know better than to smart off to me as I am absolutely lethal with a comeback.

I absolutely love hot sauce (as long as it tastes good.) When I go to a Mexican restaurant, I tell the waitress to "bring me the stuff that YOU think is too hot." They look at me like I'm crazy, but it gets me something close to what I like. I told the Mexican girls in my classes at the high school to bring me samples of anything that their grandmas made at home, and they brought me stuff and couldn't believe that I didn't think that was that hot. (By the way, if you remember, my dad owned a restaurant down on South Coffeen Avenue [Blue Jay Chik Inn] for years, and now on that property is a mexican place [Los Agaves]. They have some seriously good salsa. Several years ago, when we were in Sheridan, my son and I ate 2 bowls full of it before our meals came. I was crying from the hotness, but neither of us could stop eating it.) My family teases me that they can always tell when I make dinner because I sprinkle dried red peppers in it. Oh, I also love to cook.

All of us Hammond Heddermans are absolute DIE-HARD Chicago Cubs fans. My wife corrupted all of the kids so they all are Minnesota Vikings fans. (When the Bears play the Vikings I watch upstairs and the rest of them watch downstairs.)

We will just stay here in Hammond as we finish rearing our kids and wait for the grand-babies to show up.

School Story:

Favorite memories:
1. Senior ditch day when we all cut out on Thursday instead of Friday. I remember going to TR Cave and having a great time, but I cannot remember who else went. The teachers all seem to have been impressed with us the next day. I remember trying to turn in my absence note for "being sick" and being sent straight to class.

2. In Mr. Donahue's Geometry class, sophomore year, Dick Gifford asked me from across the room to borrow a pencil and I threw it to him and he caught it two-handed, in a clapping motion, and impaled himself on the pencil.

3. Same class, same guy: it was May and the windows were open on the 3rd floor and a wasp flew in and was attacking Dick. I remember him jousting with it with his pencil. I laughed 'til I cried.

4. I remember that during our free periods we were allowed to just be in the halls. One day, I had the wild idea to tie Paul Gazdik's locker shut with a paper clip. I went around and around with the clip and buried both ends of it inside the knot that I had just created so that it was totally secured shut, and then just went on to my next class. He said he spent at least an hour and a half trying to get into it.

5. Jim Collingwood taking me out in his Mustang and us hitting 130+mph on the freeway. Also he and I and whoever else wanted to going down to the donut shop most days during 3rd hour.

6. This one is an embarrassing, shameful memory: About 4 of us went out and got drunk on some cheap wine. Collingwood, the good Mormon, was our Designated Driver, and then we went in to see one of the Superman movies. I devoured some popcorn and it didn't mix with the wine. In the middle of the show, I told Jim to give me his popcorn cup and I filled it with puke. Since my stomach wasn't done, I just emptied the cup out on the floor and refilled it and emptied it and filled it. The guys told me that the crowd in front of me parted like the Red Sea. That was all bad enough, but Monday, Mr. Coleman, in Physics, asked me how I liked Superman and smirked. Boy, was I ashamed. (I am so glad that I don't drink now. Spend money, get stupid, feel bad..... and call it fun??!)

7. I fondly remember taking Bachelor's Survival class as a Sophomore or Junior. The big sewing project for the 1st half of the semester was to make an apron which we would wear the 2nd half of the year as we cooked. Mine was a lovely lilac colored one!! :). That class was great as we then got to cook and eat what we cooked about mid-morning.

8. I never had Bob Koneman as a teacher, but I was fairly friendly with him. On St. Patrick's day in our Junior year, during a free period, I walked into his room while he was grading papers. I asked him where his green was and he responded that he wasn't wearing any. I reminded him that he was supposed to be, and again he said that he didn't have any. So, I (why I did this, I have no clue... it just came off of the top of my head, and if you've seen my photos, you see a lot has come off of the top of my head) reached out with both hands and grabbed his beard and yanked outwards. (Remember how he looked like the Wolfman? Even his eyebrows curled up on the outside!!) Anyway, his eyes lit up and I ran out of the room quickly. (I heard that he was an ex-Golden Gloves boxer.) He told me later that he sat there for several minutes totally paralyzed in pain. He got me back the next year by having one of the guidance counselors call me in and tell me that I'd lost my scholarship to UW Laramie.

9. Another Mr. Koneman story. I heard of this one, but didn't see it. One of the guys, (Jeff Ainsworth??) was sitting in the hall at lunch and mouthed off to Mr. K. As I remember the story, Mr. K. picked him up with one hand by the groin and lifted him a few feet into the air and then let him fall.

10. I told this one at the high school now to let the guys know that this old man used to date and that dating wasn't invented a year and a half ago. I remember that there was something coming up on Friday (probably a dance) and so I made a list of girls that I was going to ask to go to it. Then, I wrote down all of their phone numbers, and then I picked up the phone. I don't remember who was on the list, so I'll just grab two names. Susan was first on my list and I was calling her but I was looking at Sarah's name who was second on the list. Susan answered the phone, and I identified myself and asked Sarah to the dance. Needless to say, that didn't work out.

11. I remember Mr. Coleman driving a nail into a 2x4 in Physics class with his bare hand to illustrate something about acceleration. Several of us tried and I was one of the ones who ended up with a bruised and bloody hand.

12. In typing class as a sophomore, I remember that I got selfish and sat down at one of the electric ones the first day of class and then had to switch to a manual for the 2nd half of the semester and therefore, for finals too. Then, in the 1st 9 weeks of 2nd semester I went back to an electric and then finished up again on a manual.

13. Playing CYO basketball for Holy Name with several guys since we weren't quite good enough to be on the school's team.

14. I remember being quite the weirdo as a 9th and 10th grader. (Something happened between 10th and 11th: maybe I got a clue?) But my big brother Pat opened a T-shirt shop in his garage and I would staff it on Saturdays. For my time, he'd give me a shirt every week with various stupid sayings and pictures on it. So I remember that I wore only T-shirts to school for an entire semester: no button down shirts at all or any pullovers with a collar. Boy was I classy!!

15. I got a job at KROE in January of our junior year and that was fun. I enjoyed playing the music and doing all of that (within the stupid restrictions that they put on us "star DJ's.")

16. I remember being scared to go into the high school. Coming out of the sheltered environment at Holy Name, I was scared about being hazed or being around all of the "tough guys" from Central Junior High. I remember walking around the first few weeks of classes and thinking that all of the seniors were so big and mature and had it all together. I spent most of the next decade trying to get it all together and figuring out the pecking order.

17. I remember that we over at Holy Name played the Junior High team 6 times in two years and never beat them. I'm still bitter!! :)

18. I remember one night with Paul Demple and Mike McCoy going out and stealing street signs. I think that there was a "Paul" street in town, and I know there was a "Demple" street, so we went out with wrenches and got some souvenirs for Paul's room.

19. At a kegger before either our junior or senior year way out in the boonies, I had to go unload some beer and fell down a hill into a thorn bush. I had a huge thorn in my hand. I remember trying to dig it out at home in my stupor, and couldn't. It healed over, but kept festering. A few weeks later Mom had to take me to Dr. Rhodes' office and he cut my thumb and an entire thorn popped out.

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August 2009
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Carolyn and I renewing our vows on our 20th Anniversary. December 23, 2008.
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My family at Rushmore in June of '08.
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In Yellowstone in June of '08. My kids are totally midwestern. They had no idea what a mountain was or anything, so we took the vacation of a lifetime.
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My 47th birthday, March 27, 2008.