Robert Vine

Profile Updated: August 10, 2012
Residing In: Sheridan, WY USA
Occupation: Writer/Coca Cola
Children: One Son, and One Daughter!

At present I'm writing my third Sci-Fi Novel and when finished I will begin my first Western for my Dad! Along with these books, I have at least ten more of them ready to begin work on, so I will be pretty busy the rest of my life along with the many other things I want to do before I go!? I also love to go hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and many other things whenever I get the chance to go? I sure would love to have some female company along though if anyone is interested? I don't feel my age and alot of people say I sure don't look it?! I guess that's a good thing though? I will always welcome anyone to write me or call or just come over for a visit, just as long as I'm not too busy? One day I hope to see my work on the big silver screen and would love to even play a few cameo parts in the movies if my books ever go that far? Hope for the best and talk to you all later! Your friend, Robert Lee Vine Jr/Author of "The Warriors Of Earth," and "The Warriors Of Earth 2/The Land Of Carnage, with part three coming out soon! And after I'm finished with part 3 I'm heading strong into my first Western for my Dad!
At present I'm single and looking for that soulmate/best firend/lover person that everyone tells me about, that's supposed to be out there? Well, where the heck is she then??? Anyhow, have a great day and a better tomorrow and maybe I'll see you around?

School Story:

Nothing too drastic? I guess it would be that day when my sculpture blew up in Art class and destroyed everyone elses' projects too---Oops!
Sorry guys! I guess I can only say that my years at the Sheridan High School were all memorable and I made alot of friends while I was there. There were alot of girls that I wanted to date but, back then we were all stereo types and put into different groups! You all know what I mean, and that was a crying shame! But, I tried to like everyone in all groups and tried to mingle in with you all. I learned how to like and dislike and that was a shame as well, and now being older and wiser, I think that I could go back and change alot of the memories into better ones. Anyhow, I hope the best for everyone and hope that I can make it to the 30 yr? Thanks, Robert Lee Vine Jr./Author.

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Always Happy or try to be!
Back Cover of my first Book; "The Warriors Of Earth," on sale at Sheridan Stationary!
A good day ice fishing with my Dad on Lake DeSmet!
My one and only Son Chris!
My Son Chris and his first Deer on our ranch!
My first book!!! On sale at Sheridan Stationary and in over 7 countries!
My Second Book with part 3 coming soon? On sale at Sheridan Stationary and in 7 countries!
Picture on my second book!
My third book and writing my 4th now...!
Pretty good for being 52...! And single...!